Saturday, March 9, 2013

Red hot gradient nails and stamping

Hello Girlies!!! Here I am with this red hot gradient nails. I simply love red. I used red and dark brown for the gradient. I wore it for two days and still couldn't get enough of it. So, I grabbed my konad m60 image plate and stamped on my favorite design and am still wearing these nails....yayyy....

I used..

Apply a base coat and one coat of your red nail paint and let it dry completely.
Now apply red and dark brown nail polish onto a make up sponge as shown.
Sponge it onto your nail. Clean the region around your nail with a cotton bud, dipper in nail polish remover. 
Apply a top coat and enjoy the gradient :)

As I told, after two days of wearing these gradient nails, I thought of stamping something on to them. For that I used...
konad m60

Hope you enjoyed these :)!! Don't forget to join me for more updates :)!!!

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