Friday, March 1, 2013

Colorful flowers and lines nail art

Hello Girlies!!! Taking a break from the pattern nail designs, I have for you today this colorful flowers and lines nail art. Hope you enjoy recreating this :)!!

I used...

Apply a base coat and two coats of white nail paint to all your nails and let them dry completely. Draw Stripes as shown on all fingers leaving out your thumb and ring finger.

 For the thumb and ring finger, create the flowers. Start by putting 5 dots with a dotting tool to form a circle as shown. using a toothpick, starting from the middle of  each dot, drag towards the center of the circle forming a flower. Repeat the same procedure and create flowers with the other two colors. Now using a dotting tool, add a dot to the middle of the flower. Finally apply a top coat and you are done:)!!!

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