Friday, March 8, 2013

Money Smart Nail Art

Hello Girlies!!! I have compiled this post as an entry for the money smart nail art competition by money super market .
My first money smart nail design is the Gold leaf nails.
I have been coming across almost everywhere, the 18 Karat gold nail polish. I love the gold leafy look but the price is very high. I tried to get the same look in a cheaper way, using gold graffiti or crackled nail polish and here is the outcome.

Nail polishes used

Let's begin!!!

1. Apply a base coat and two coats of a dark colored nail polish of your choice and let it dry completely. I have used green colored nail polish here.
2. Now, randomly dab on the gold crackled or graffiti nail polish on to the nail. Do not apply to the complete nail. Just dab randomly.
3. Wait for 30 sec for the cracks to appear.
4. Finally add a top coat and you are done:)!!!

Here is my second money smart nail design, the basic stripes pattern nail art using a toothpick. It is super easy and of course money smart as the only tool you use is the tooth pick:) . I like the bumpy look that it creates. 

I used...

                             Apply a clear base coat and a thick coat of your base color. When the nail polish is still wet, start creating stripes by dragging a toothpick through the nail polish as shown in the picture.  Keep a tissue paper by your side as you need to clean the toothpick after each line to avoid mess around your nails.You can create either horizontal or vertical stripes. Here I did horizontal stripes.  The idea is to remove some lines of nail paint, to get the stripes. You should be a bit fast in doing this as you get better results when the nail paint is still wet. 

                                         If you want to enjoy the bumpy look, don't apply a top coat and if you want a smooth look, apply a top coat and you are done :)!!! 

Here are more pics....

Hope you enjoy my money smart nail design ideas:) ..Don't forget to leave your comments and do join me for more updates :)!!!

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