Monday, March 25, 2013

Mosaic tiled nails

Hello Girlies!! Today I have the mosaic tiles nail design for you. I have used the striping tape here to create the tiles. The tape is so thin and I have to admit, it needs more practice to work with it. I tried it for the first time and here is the outcome. May be some day I will get it right :) 

I used...

Apply a base coat and one or two coats of your base color and let them dry. You have to wait for the nail polish to dry completely before starting to work with the striping tape, as you don't want to peel the nail polish off.
Stick some horizontal stripes on to your nail.
Then some vertical stripes....
 Take some red nail paint onto a paper and using a toothpick, fill in some squares randomly. Repeat the same with other colors( pink, purple, gold glittery nail polishes)
Peel off the tape very carefully, apply a top coat and done:)!!!

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