Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dotted Stripes Nail Design

Hello girlies!! I had a very busy weekend and am very sleepy right now..zzzzzz.....So, please forgive me if there are some typos :)..I have so many manicures lined up for you. Thought of posting one from them as I didn't had time to do new ones. So, here is a very simple and easy dotted stripes nail design. Hope you like it :)!!

I used..

Apply a base coat and two coats of your base color and let them dry completely.
 Using a white nail art pen or toothpick and white nail polish, start creating the dots, diagonally across your nail as shown.
 Fill in the gaps with more dots to form a solid dotted line.
 Continue creating the dotted lines as shown till your whole nail is filled. Finally apply a topcoat and you are done:)!!

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  1. i love it! You're a genius to do tutorials on all of em!

    1. Thank you :) and glad that you like them <3!!