Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 15 - Water Marble - April 30 Day Nail Art Challenge

Hello there:)!! I crossed 100 likes mark on Facebook...Woohoo!! I am so excited and I would like to thank all you lovely ladies out there for the love, support and encouragement <3 <3. 
 I was so busy since 2 days that I didn't had time to post my manis. So, I have four posts for you today. The first one for the April 30 Day nail art challenge, Day 15. The theme was Water marble and I did this one. This is my second attempt of water marbling. First time, I did it to see how the technique works and I thought I will never do this, it takes a lot of time for me. But, here I am, doing it again and here is the outcome. Hope you like it:)!!

I used..

Firstly apply a base coat and two coats of white nail paint and let dry. Tape the area around your nails as shown to avoid messy fingers. For the detailed tutorial see  HERE .

Let us see what the other lovely ladies came up with HERE