Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 23 - Caviar Nails - April 30 Day Nail Art Challenge

Hello ladies:)!! Here is my day 23 mani for the April 30 day nail art challenge. The theme was Caviar Nails.   I don't really like the caviar nails look so I didn't even bother to buy the beads. Luckily, I found these craft beads which looks similar to the caviar beads but are a little bigger in size. I went ahead with them and here is the outcome.

 I used..

Click HERE for the collection of designs for this challenge.


  1. I worked with what i had on hand as well. Im not super big into this look and couldnt justify purchasing i probably wouldnt use again. I did try two different looks using sprinkles. Lol mine is under "leann"

    1. Thank you Leann:)!! Using sprinkles is such a creative idea :)