Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zig Zag - Day 8 - April 30 Day Nail Art Challenge

Hello again :)! Here is my Day 8 mani of the April 30 Day Nail Art Challenge. The theme is Zig Zag. I have these yellow and black nails for the same. I messed up the ring finger nail but I am happy with the overall look :) .

I used..

Firstly, apply a base coat and two coats of yellow nail paint and let it dry.

Using a nail art brush and black acrylic paint, create a zig zag line as shown, near to tip of the nail.
 Fill in the top part with black nail paint.
Now create zig zag lines in the yellow section, using black.
 Finally apply a top coat and done :)!!

So, what do you think about these nails? Do let me know by commenting below and don't forget to join me for more updates :)!

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  1. those are so cute!!! are those your real nails? they are shaped so perfectly! jealous! this sort of reminds me of charlie brown's shirt! (in a good way) haha :)

    1. Thank you Emma!! :) and yeah they are my natural nail :) ..hahaha...realised it after your comment :)..They kinda resemble CB's shirt..lol..