Sunday, April 7, 2013

Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge - Week 2 - Gimme That Bling!!!

Hello Girlies!! Here I am with my week 2 mani for the Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge hosted by Mani's by Moore and Closet Diva . This was supposed to be posted on friday, but I am a little late. The theme for Week 2 is Gimme That Bling and I have these glitter nails for the same. I somehow liked this mani more in real life than in photos. I think the nails were more sparkly in real. But, here is what I have captured :) . Hope you like it :)!! Do join us if you like the themes!!

Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge

1. Think Pink
Wear your favourite pink nail polish and nail art.
2. Gimme That Bling
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so put some sparkle on those nails.
3. Delicate and Elegant
Adorn yourself with a lovely pattern, colour or technique
4. Inspired by the Runway
What is your favourite trend this season? Show us your stylish nail designs!
5. Gotta Love Chick Flicks
We can’t resist! Wear a nail design inspired by your favourite chick flick.
6. Who Inspires You?
Show some love to your favourite female role model by creating gorgeous nails in their honor.
7. Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
That’s what little girls are made of! Show off your sweet (or spicy) inspired nails.
8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
It’s true, we do! Let your nail designs show us how fun-loving you are!

I used..

Firstly, Apply a base coat and two coats of white nail paint.
Apply a clear polish to the ring finger nail and stick a silver or clear rhinestone in the middle.
Then stick on silver sequins around the rhinestone as shown.
Then stick another round of sequins..
 Repeat the same so as to fill in your whole nail with sequins.
 Then, to the other nails, using a clear polish stick silver rhinestone near to cuticle area as shown.
Stick some sequins around the rhinestone as shown.
For the middle finger and thumb, apply silver glittery polish.
Finally, add a top coat to all the nails and done :)!!

So, what do you think? Do let me know by commenting below and don't forget to join me for more updates :)!

Let's go and see what the other lovely ladies came up with :)!!


  1. Wow! :) The result is pretty awesome! Loved it ^^

  2. I have never did a mani with white and silver. I am missing out! This is so beautiful!! I love the look of the silver on the white!

    1. Thank a lot Moore :) it was more sparkly in real..I was not able to capture it properly ...white and should give it a try sometime :)

  3. this is beautiful and i never cease to admire the effort you put into your mani's especially because you make them tutorials!

    1. Thank you so much dear! :)..This gives me lot of encouragement <3