Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day skittles nail art

Hello there!! Happy Valentine's day <3 <3!!! Here I am with yet another and my last valentine's day nail design of this year :). This is a skittles nail art that I created as an entry to "skittles nail art contest" at . Hope you like it <3 !!

Nail polishes used

I started by painting all my nails with white nail paint.  Starting with the thumb, using a striper brush and pink nail polish create the design as shown in the picture.

Then the hearts <3 <3...

For fore finger and pinky finger, I did  white to pink gradient using a makeup sponge...

For fore finger, I did a love letter design. For this, cut out a small square of newspaper, wet it in water or spirit and press down it firmly onto the nail...

Add a red heart, outline with white nail polish using tooth pick and add wings..
For pinky finger add some red hearts randomly.
Then for middle finger, apply some pink nail polish to the tip of the nail and then a coat of red graffiti nail paint.

For the ring finger, sponge pink nail polish onto the nail using makeup sponge, create a white branch(using tooth pick) and at the ends add red hearts.

Finally apply top coat to all the nails and you are done :)!!! Some more pics... and don't forget to leave your comments <3!!!!



  1. Our designs are really similar but yours is way better than mine lol :P Good luck

    1. Thank you so much :)... Just checked yours.. they are quite similar ;) ... I like the lips design on the thumb... I tried to do it but messed it ...Good luck to you too :)

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