Monday, February 25, 2013

Checkered nails with dots

Hello there!! Here is yet another pattern nail design, checkered nails with dots. I have done this with two color combos, grey-black and white-black. Hope you like it :)!!!

I used...

Apply a base coat and one or two coats of your base color and let them dry.
Using a nail art striper brush and back acrylic paint, draw a grid as shown..
Fill in the alternate squares with black nail polish, to get a checkerboard design.
Now add black dots in the grey squares...
 and grey dots in the black squares...
Finally add a top coat and you are done:)!!!

If you do not want to add dots and want to keep it simple, then here is the look of the basic checkered nails or chess board nails. 
Basic checkered nails
Basic checkered nails

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