Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stripes nail art using scotch tape

                                              Hello there!! Here is my second pattern, the basic stripes pattern nail art.  You will find thousands of posts relating to stripes nail art in google. I do them in 3 different ways. One way is using toothpick, the other is using scotch tape and the final one using a striper brush. I don't want to flood all of these methods in one post. So, I have 3 posts for you today..Woohoo!!!
                                               Here is the second method, using a scotch tape. This takes some time but the outcome is pretty impressive. Hope you enjoy this :)!!

I used.....

Firstly cut a bit of scotch tape into stripes and stick them to the edge of your working table as it will be easy for you while taking them out. 

Apply a base coat and two coats of white nail polish and let it dry completely.

Then stick the tape stripes on to the nail leaving gaps. The boldness of the lines depends on the gaps we leave between the tape stripes and the tape stripe's thickness.

Then apply nail polish of your choice as shown. You can use one color or many. Here I have used 2 colors.

Without waiting, peel off the tape from the nail. Apply a top coat and you are done:)!!!

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