Thursday, August 1, 2013

Studded Turquoise-Black Nails

Hello there!!
                  How are you doing? It has been a long time since I posted something. I was a little harsh on my nails due to cleaning and stuff while shifting to our new apartment. I didn't want to show off my damaged nails and that's the reason for this loooong break. Now, as they are getting better, I am back on track with this very simple turquoise and black nails. Hope you like it :)!!

I used..

I started off with a base coat and painted my nails with two coats of turquoise nail polish. Then for the ring finger and thumb, I created black stripes using a striper. Then filled one gap with gold nail polish as shown. For the remaining nails I applied black graffiti nail paint and added a round gold stud at the base of the nail. Finally applied a top coat and done!!
So, What do you think about these nails? Do let me know by commenting below:)!!

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