Monday, August 5, 2013

Mehndi / Henna Nail Art

Hello there!!
How are you doing? Today I have this mehndi/henna nail art for you. In case you are wondering what mehndi is, its a kind of temporary tattoo which is mainly applied on hands and feet during festivals and marriages in India. You can find more details HERE. Below are some pictures of the mehndi designs I found on google.

And here comes the nail Mehndi nail art....

I used..

I started with a base coat followed by two coats of nude nail paint. After it has dried completely, I used brown acrylic paint and a nail art brush for the design. Finally applied a topcoat and done :)!! I will definitely do this design one more time as you can see my nails are very short here and I am not completely satisfied with these. And that will have a tutorial too :) ..What do you think about these? Do let me know by commenting below:)


  1. I love this its so cute! did you wear it for an occasion or just because?

  2. This is a great design, I love it! It's going on my must-try list :) But I always find that using acrylic paint makes the polish chip, do you have that problem?

  3. Omg that Henna is amazing!!!! I love it! I recommended you for a Liebster award! The details are on my page.


  4. I love henna!! I've always loved it and i think this is a good inspiration source!
    Lovely design :D

    You have a new follower from today : (Andreea M)