Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 1 - Allium - 30 Day Flower Challenge

Hello girlies :)!! Hope you had a great weekend. Today I am starting a 30 Day Flower Challenge hosted by Datyorksloves and Delight in nails. The challenge was done in the month of may but I was not able to participate then. Luckily, the two lovely ladies have extended the challenge for one year. So, I can plan my own schedule and proceed with the challenge. The flower for day 1 is Allium and here is my mani :)

I used..

 I started with painting all my nails blue. After it has dried completely, using a dotting tool, I created the flowers by simply putting dots randomly in the form of a circle. I used two shades of purple and a dark blue polish for this.Then, using a nail art brush, I added a stem for each of the flower. Finally a top coat and done :)!!


  1. These are beautiful! And what a great idea for a challenge! I look forward to seeing them all :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sam <3 !! I am so excited for this challenge:) ..I don't even know the names of some going be lot of fun for sure:)