Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowflake nail art

Here is an easy winter snowflake nail design for long nails. I did it with a nail art pen, but I prefer nail art brush instead.


Nail Polishes used

Let's begin

1. Apply a base coat and two coats of blue nail polish and let it dry completely.
2. Using white nail art pen, create an 'X' at the base of the nail. Draw another line passing through the middle of the 'X' so as to create the skeleton of the snowflake.
You can also use white nail polish and a tooth pick or a nail art brush to create the snowflake.
3. Now create a 'V' at the end of each line to complete the snowflake (see the picture).
4. Add small dots to the upper tip of the nail and stick a blue rhinestone to the middle of the snowflake to complete the look.
5. Finally add a top coat and you are done!!!

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