Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simple two colored diagonal nail art

Simple two colored diagonal nail art

                                         This is really fast and easy everyday nail design. This designs looks good even on short nails. Experiment with different colors of your choice. I like to use two shades of the same color.

Nail polishes used

Let's begin!!!

1. Apply a base coat.
2. Apply two coats of neon blue nail polish and let it dry completely.
3. Put a scotch tape diagonally across the lower half of the nail and fill in the tips with dark blue nail polish and remove the tape carefully.
4. Now create a diagonal line of the silver glittery nail polish, separating the two blue colors.
5. Apply a top coat and you are done!!!!!

                                                      Here is the picture of same kind of nail art but with light and dark green nail polishes with gold line.

diagonal nail art

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