Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nail Stamping

My konad stamping nail art kit with image plates m36, m45 and m60.

This is the nail art stamping kit I ordered online for my sis:). She is so excited to have it. I tried this out and it was awesome. check the "Blue and white splatter stamping nail art"

Nail stamping, big image plate, 221 designs, easy stamping

                                        This is the big stamping image plate with 221 designs I ordered online. It has a huge collection of designs. I will be posting nail stamping design ideas using this image plate and some with konad stamping plates. This image plate is awesome and highly recommended for nail stamping lovers.

Here goes my first experiment with the big plate...

Trying big image plate nail stamping 221 designs

I will be posting the detailed tutorial shortly.

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